Scent of Mud

The ice cold wind bites. The mud is deep and soft as I walk uphill. Did I hear that familiar ...
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/ geese, hill, march, mud, Photography, Spiritual

A Forgotten Place

On this ice cold February day, I found myself alone on a remote hill near Berlichingen (a small Southern German ...
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Happy Duck Day at Kilometer 691

Lots of rain, the Rhine has grown and some of the meadows on Cologne's northern end are flooded. The ducks ...
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Locus Amoenus II

Sunday, 6th of November: an expedition to one of my secret favorite places near where I live ­čÖé I spent ...
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Ladybug Chapel

Her birthday, a day off together, the sun was shining and it was very warm for an end-October day. We ...
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Full of Love

Another week with 100+ people in this place that I've written about several times before. We had a full schedule ...
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Jumping Ice

While New York, just shaken by an unusual earthquake, prepares for a severe tropical storm, we're having much more harmless ...
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/ hail, Nature, Photography, rain

Nuraghe Island 5: Paper Strip Beach

The coasts of Sardinia are quite beautiful. We found a couple of spots that looked like the Caribbean. And I ...
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/ Places, sardinia

Nuraghe Island 4: Close To The Edge

Bonifacio, sitting at Corsica's southern end (in a way, the most southerly point of France) and one ferry hour away ...
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/ bonifacio, corsica, Places, sardinia

Nuraghe Island 3: Towers of the Sky

Eastward across very windy plains full of large rocks surrounded by colorful flowers ... ... towards a small place called ...
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/ coghinas, nuraghe, Places, sardinia, tempio, torre

Nuraghe Island 2: Fish Out Of Water

The name of the place was Bosa, the river was called Temo. I have never seen a river that was ...
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/ bosa, Photography, Places, sardinia, temo

Nuraghe Island 1: Excited Shouting

Every evening there was a flight show in the Alghero old town, starring hundreds of excited swifts flying high speed ...
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/ alghero, capo caccia, Places, sardinia

Humming Tree

This year seems unusual, weather-wise, too much sun for April-May, too little rain, and the plants grow and are flowering ...
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Walk The Dog

We took a long walk near Lindlar with my old friend Thomas and Chikai, his friendly Akita Inu dog, past ...
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When The Wind Quiets Down

when the wind quiets down there is a vast stillness all around. some very distant sounds of a crow or ...
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Solid Like Hematite

back at Kloster Sch├Ântal with many old friends ... each one a different color deep in the west, a very ...
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The White Spikes

This happens when it is very cold and foggy. No fun to take walks because the cold creeps into your ...
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/ crystals, fog, ice, Nature, Photography

Endless Blue Silence

Sunday after the birthday party, taking care of a slight hangover, cleaning up the house. I was lazy but Sabine ...
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/ bergisches land, linde, Nature, Photography, walk

Fresh Snow Walk

Just when we thought that the mild mid-January would directly turn into spring, new snow - not much yet but ...
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