Nuraghe Island 3: Towers of the Sky

Eastward across very windy plains full of large rocks surrounded by colorful flowers …

… towards a small place called Burgos which lies under an impressive castle … we wanted to take a closer look at it, or take a look downwards from the surrounding hills, but we got lost in the tiny streets of Burgos, couldn’t find our way, and were relieved to eventually find out again!

A few miles later, in the middle of nowhere, we saw this group of buildings and stopped to take a look. Sabine was delighted – it is called St. Sabina, mostly consisting of a beautiful little 10th century Roman church and a Nuraghe tower, one of about 700 on the island of Sardinia, dating back to perhaps 1800BC. The tower was in good shape, and I climbed up the dark stairway inside of it, built of huge uneven rocks. Being on top of it felt more like standing on a small hill.

Further northeast, we had seen an unusual looking plane flying back and forth at low altitudes, several times, and we had already wondered about it. We eventually found that our road led across a strange artificial lake filled with green water, Lake Coghinas. The plane came back, touched the water surface for a few seconds, and took off again – it was a fire fighter plane that was loading new water, probably on a training mission because we didn’t see forest fires anywhere.

We eventually reached Tempio Pausania, our destination for this day. The sky was very blue, but it was very windy and unusually cold – Mistral weather. Fortunately it ceased after two days.


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