Stopping near Ellersbach

Colours of mid-January. The last patches of snow had disappeared. It had rained for days. Tomorrow there would be patches ...
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Blue Snow

Two days after yellow snow, the snow was blue today. I took a little walk from our house. And felt ...
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Yellow Snow

Fresh 5th December snow near our house, late evening. It had finally stopped snowing, thank god. We had done two ...
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Reudenbach Hill

This is one of the special places that I have to visit now and then, in summer or in winter ...
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Actually these landscapes looked somewhat different ... bleak and depressing maybe but I liked driving through them for hours yesterday, ...
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… But Left His Golden Load

October 31st, Sunday afternoon in Kürten: ...
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I Advance Masked

Sabine took a day off - we spent the afternoon visiting Cologne's beautiful new ethnological museum, the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum that has ...
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Watercolor II

/ Photography, water

Sky Whale

/ Photography, Places, zeppelin

Watercolor I

The Schaffhausen Rhine Falls seen through colored windows ...
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Innocent Misunderstanding

That time of the year again - a Ridhwan retreat week in the Kloster Schöntal monastery, I've been blogging about ...
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Above The Inland Sea VI – Fog

Last day of our 1-week vacation at Lake Constance, and the sky was all grey everywhere. Everywhere? As we could ...
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Above The Inland Sea V – Wine

Ravensburg is famous for a number of things, one of them being the publisher of games and children's books that ...
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Above The Inland Sea IV – Ice Cream

Many delights here. One was a beautifully clear night sky with the milky way overhead. Here is a 15 second ...
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Above the Inland Sea III – Mountain

After seeing the mountain range across the lake from our appartement every day, we finally went there to take a ...
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/ alps, Photography, Places, säntis, switzerland

Above the Inland Sea II – Water

I've been living near the Rhine for all my life but I never wondered where it came from. I learned ...
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Above The Inland Sea I – Zeppelin

We're having a wonderful week at Lake Constance (Bodensee) in Southern Germany. The weather (after some very wet weeks) is ...
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My God, It’s Full Of …

SHROOMS! I can't remember an August that has been this wet. July was sunny and hot, very hot, too hot ...
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/ mushrooms, Nature, Photography, rain