Musical Inquirer

I met my friend Markus Reuter 30 years ago on a Guitar Craft course with Robert Fripp. We played in a trio with Leander Reininghaus for a few years during the mid-90s, and together with Tobias Reber we even started a record label for algorithmic computer music at one point 🙂

Markus has become a world famous professional musician, composer, music teacher, and instrument designer in the meantime. I felt honored when he interviewed me for his new interview podcast series.

We chatted for more than 90 minutes about my music of course but also about my take on spirituality (and the meaning of ’spiritual inquiry‘) and my life.

Or The Everlasting Now

In September 2020, sound artist Johannes S. Sistermanns visited me to make an interview for a radio feature about my music.

The feature was on air on January 19, 2021 in SWR2, a German radio station. Big thanks to Mr. Sistermanns for this thoughtful and sensitive musical portrait!

Unfortunately, SWR2 radio have the habit to remove their older shows from the podcast list – it is gone already. Contact me if you want to hear it, I have a recording.

Here is the transcription as PDF (in German).

I talked (in German) about my music, what inspires me, and how I usually let it happen on its own, instead of trying to control its direction – and I wondered what the broad range of musical styles that can be found in my output is like for listeners.

Find out for yourself. The music presented in this hour contains abstract computer music, Turkish folkrock, minimalism, ambient, psychedelic rock music, and more. If your brain is wired similar to mine, you will enjoy this. Even if you know some of my music, you will probably hear things you didn’t know.

Here is a playlist:

time title liner notes album video
00:00:13 The Beloved in a Path (Sema) Michael Peters: drum computer, guitar bandcamp  
00:07:51 Dange Strays Markus Reuter: Chapman Stick; Leander Reininghaus: guitar; Michael Peters: guitar (unreleased)    
00:14:33 Cologne 20140503 Michael Peters: guitar; Michael Frank: bass guitar / loops bandcamp youtube
00:20:37 Ele Güne Karsi Solkey (Seda Kaya: voc; Gernot Bogumil: bass; Aydin Isik: perc/voc; Michael Peters: guitar); original by Mazhar Fuat Özkan   youtube
00:27:04 Junkspace Improvizone (Andrew Booker: drums; Michael Bearpark: guitar; Michael Peters: bass) bandcamp youtube
00:30:15 The Paris Lecture Michael Peters: guitar, "Frippertronics" tape delay bandcamp youtube
00:36:07 Wish me pluck Michael Peters: Hohner Guitaret bandcamp  
00:40:31 Presence Fabio Anile: keyboards; Michael Peters: guitar bandcamp  
00:46:32 Some Red Latifa in 294 Michael Peters: guitar bandcamp  
00:50:05 Laid Back Minimalism In 7/8 Michael Peters: guitar and "quantized replace" livelooping bandcamp vimeo
00:55:12 Impossible Music Michael Peters: programming; Matthias Ebbinghaus: live mix bandcamp  

After we did the interview, we visited Karlheinz Stockhausen on the Kürten graveyard near to my home, and spent a while with him talking about what he meant to us.