Late October, driving from Arcos de la Frontera to El Bosque and Grazalema where we hiked in the Andalucian mountains ...
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Snow Flake Cities

For some reason, the snowflakes were long today and looked like cragged mountains and spikey castles ...
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/ Nature, Photography

The Eerie Driver

Today's walk: Unterbersten-Frangenberg-Müllersommer, starting near Landhaus Fuchs and to the left into the deep forest, then along the long path ...
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A late December morning with a cold blue sky and sunshine. Computer work waits for me but there is enough ...
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/ Places

Here Be Dragons

Around Lake Constance in Southern Germany ...
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Funny, bizarre, or otherwise interesting signs and texts that I found during a few days around Lake Constance, April 2013 ...
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/ Photography, Places, signs, texts

And then there were flowers

My grandma (mother of my mother) was born in 1900 and died more than 90 years later. She raised her ...
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/ Art, family, flowers, grandma, painting

The Berry Feast (for Gary Snyder)

October 23, a few warm days, almost like summer. I stopped working in the afternoon to drive up one of ...
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Paper Crane

let us meet again in this secret world that our minds will never know we can open the windows and ...
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/ 2012, Photography, ridhwan, seefeld, Spiritual

Past and Present

that year, August afternoon,car trunk full of mydistant past, amazing how distanta walk around my pastdusty hands teary eyesamazing how ...
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/ Diary

Firefly Season

a sip of wine from my wife's glass late evening at the pond with the neighbours. they are back, the ...
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Good Advice

When I was a kid, it was customary to have a special kind of book (called "Poesiealbum"), empty at first, ...
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White Light

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/ death, Diary, mother, Spiritual

Turquoise Coast 4: in Black and White

here are a few faux-pencil-drawings from the "paper camera" app in my mobile phone ...
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Turquoise Coast 3: A Taste of the Orient

We also went to several cities during our Provence/Cote d'Azur vacation: Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, and Toulon. We actually went to Marseille ...
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Turquoise Coast 1: Walking in Beauty

We spent a week or two in Bandol, a coast town at the Cote d'Azur east of Marseille. We took ...
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Antares, Polaris, Deneb

what is it that makes me lie in the dark on a warm summer night looking up with binoculars? why ...
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/ astronomy, Nature, stars

Picking up the Leaves

this morning, the large bamboo in the attic taught me a lesson, not for the first time: it has taught ...
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/ bamboo, Spiritual, zen

A Moon to Hug

depths of feelings, a joy, a lightness, unfathomed landscapes, a deciphering of messages, maybe disappointment, sadness, hopes, but what is ...
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/ love, moon, Photography, Spiritual

In The Air Tonight

and then, after the first warm day with naked feet and purring cats and coffees beside the little pond inhabited ...
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/ evening, march, Photography, Spiritual