Dec 20, 2019 – “Presence” album release (preview here)

The ambient album by Michael Peters and Fabio Anile will be released as a digital download on the British Audiobulb label.

A CD version will be available from Burning Shed.

Quiet ambient soundscapes for piano, electric guitar, electronics, livelooping, and field recordings. The music was entirely improvised and recorded during several recording sessions in Rome between 2010 and 2018. There are no overdubs (except for the field recordings).

Michael Peters – guitar
Fabio Anile – keyboards
Mastering by Erdem Helvacioglu
Cover image by Philippe Paulus Jacobus Smeyers

“In the early days of, we received very huge amounts of ambient improvised music, much of it very good. Michael Peters’ “Stretched Landscape #1” nonetheless stood out amongst those.
This collaboration with Fabio Anile captures all I loved about that recording and builds on it; its slowly evolving soundscape hovers at the fringes of your attention and quietly brings you into its world. It’s a beautiful thing to hear two musicians who can clearly play well choosing to play so minimally and tastefully”

– Peter Chilvers
( founding director and Brian Eno collaborator)

June 3, 2017 – “The Beloved in a Snowflake” digital edition

The digital edition of ‘The Beloved in a Snowflake’ was just remastered by Markus Reuter and sounds even better than before!

Essential Michael Peters listening:
My own favorite pieces from the past few years.
Most of these tracks are solo electric guitar improvisations with electronics and loops.
All pieces have been released before on Bandcamp and Soundcloud but I have made a number of edits for this release, and finally, Markus Reuter added his fairy dust, mastering all pieces.

Listen and download on my Bandcamp page (the album is also available on Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and a number of other digital stores)

March 30, 2017 – “The Beloved in a Snowflake” limited CD edition

Just in: a package with 100 beautiful digipacks of ‘The Beloved in a Snowflake’, containing a personal ‘best-of’ of electric guitar based loops and soundscapes, most of which taken from the Escape Veloopity album series, but edited to some extent for the CD release.

March 17, 2017 – “Accumulating Time Lags” limited CD edition

Just in: a package with 50 beautiful digipacks of ‘Accumulating Time Lags’, containing new mixes of the tracks from the 2014 Bandcamp version plus an edit of the August 2016 Berlin loop.


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