Upcoming Gigs

  • November 5, 2016:   Cardigan, Wales
    Livelooping Festival, Small World Theatre



“Das Hertz” revisited

"Das Hertz" was a free-improvisation, jazz/rock/experimental band that existed between 2006 and 2009: Martin Ziegler - keyboards Michael Peters - ...
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Bohemian Polyphony 2016

My loop guitar colleague Gerd Weyhing had invited a few musicians to spend five days in a castle in the ...
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Berlin Livelooping August 2016

I am in Berlin now for a week, on my way to the "Bohemian Polyphony" event - more of this ...
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A new website

Finally, a new Michael Peters website, this time made in Wordpress - with the help of the wonderful Kathryn Hardtke, ...
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The Letchworth 7-and-8 (for Georgina Brett)

Here is a piece I improvised in Letchworth (north of London) on Nov 1st, 2014. Maybe you like it ...
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Maybe it was the last warm summer day of 2012. I took a longer walk up and around my favorite ...
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Turquoise Coast 2: Underwater Concert

I've seen hundreds of concerts in my life, some of them rather unusual, but the most unusual of all definitely ...
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Contemplating the Planet Venus

Emotional Sense by Georgina Brett stopping the car on top of the hill midnight, black velvet sky, and just over ...
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Ecstasy Trilogy

Here are three ambient movies that I put online recently, each of them about 30 minutes long: "Mouse Pointer Feedback ...
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When in Rome

In the afternoon of the second day of the Florence Livelooping Festival, Fabio Anile (who had to work on Monday ...
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